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Once you have installed WinSU, you will need to register your copy of the software to enable all the features.

If you register then WinSU will suggest the best needle for your engine specification and allow you to search for similar needles. You will also be entitled to free upgrades to future versions of the software.





Technical library contains data on over 700 needles

Supports single/twin/triple/quad carbs running 0.09/0.1/0.125inch jets

Performance analysis gives power, torque, max speed, 0-60 time, etc etc

Gearbox info allows transmission loss and wheel power to be calculated

Needle dimension data can be displayed graphically or as a table

Overlay up to 8 needles profiles to compare them graphically

Suggests the best needles for your engine

Search for similar needles


Registering your downloaded copy of WinSU is quick and simple.

When your registration fee is received you will receive an unlocking code by email within a couple of days which you need to type into WinSU to fully enable your copy of the software.

The registration fee can be paid in various currencies. Please select your country below to see the payment options available...


Europe : Including Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Vatican City



or Rest of World